Ashe's FLutes

The Amateur Flautist

Our fearless Founder
As an Elemetary educator, William Ashe had the opportunity to play musical instruments with his fifth and sixth grade students. William bought a used trombone and flute off of an online auction site, cleaned them up, and started attending band with his students.William enjoyed playing flute so much that he decided to focus on the flute, and he worked through the elementary band curriculum.

Next, William began studying more advanced flute techniques including jazz flute improvization, flutter tounging, circular breathing, and trill fingerings. Did he master any of these topics? No. However, his flute hobby helped him through some difficult professional transitions as he sought employment outside the elementary school context.

The Repairing of Flutes

As his interest in flute playing grew, William decided to begin collecting flutes. The first flute William collected was a Yamaha 221. The Yamaha was mostly in good repair, but needed minor adjustments to the keys. Through watching YouTube tutorials, William learned how to make the adjustments nessecary to ensure proper travel between the pads and the tone-holes.

The experience of repairing the flute brough so much joy to William that he purchased his next flute: a very worn and broke Artley 18-0. The flute was missing it's headjoint cork, was missing a pad, had bent keys, missing springs, and a great deal of corrosion where the silver plating had worn off.
William bought the supplies he needed, watched a whole lot of YouTube once again, and he was able to bring the old flute into playable condition. Repair procedures included: complete dissassembly of the flute, scouring and polishing of the corrosion, reassembly, repadding of the keys, and replacement and adjustment of several springs.

The Business

After bringing the Artley 18-0 back to playable condition, William realized he could turn this hobby into a business.

William started a successful social media campaign and raised funds to lease a shop space, purchase professional equipment, and begin his work of repairing and reselling end-of-life flutes. In addition to his repairing of metal concert flutes, William began making PVC and wood flutes in the traditional Irish style. After a rocky start, William built Ashe's Flutes into what it is today: the premier source for affordable refurbished flutes.