Here’s how to do it

You must make them because they are my favorite food!

You need four potatoes, butter, milk, and some salt and pepper

Put a pot of water on the stove to boil, while that is heating up peel your potatoes. Then rinse off the potatoes to get the extra dirt off of them. Then quarter the potatoes! If you do not cut them up they will take way longer to cook! Now you can drop your potatoes into the boiling water.

Now you should have enough time to watch an episode of your favorite anime because the potatoes only need to boil for about 25 minutes or until they are soft and squishy! Now strain your potatoes BUT DO NOT RINSE THEM OFF! Now you can stick your soft potatoes into a bowl and take a fork to them! Mash them up until you are happy with the consistency I personally like mine to have a few chunks in mine, stick about two table spoons of butter into the mix and a little milk to make them creamier. Now serve them and put on as much salt and pepper you want, it’s not my potatoes you are salting..